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Télécharger Document Scanner ANDROID 1.5

Document Scanner (Complet) ANDROID 1.5
 Scan documents and receipts with your phone camera, convert them to PDF. It is a portable scanner for your Droid.
*email PDF or upload it to DROPBOX/GOOGLE DOCS/EVERNOTE 
*OCR Option through GDocs/Evernote
*create folders
*no page limit
*scan and add pages later to an existing folder
*insert existing gallery image
*compression and page size options
*reorder pages
*quick one-page option to take a picture and upload as PDF with a single click
*Correct perspective and crop your captured image. The app detects the four corners automatically and gives you an opportunity to modify it
*Enhance image and convert to gray scale (or black/white) as desired

Document Scanner (Complet) ANDROID 1.5Document Scanner (Complet) ANDROID 1.5