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gta vice city pc

gta vice city pc

  gta vice city pc

GTA Vice City Pc . Months waiting for PC gamers before seeing Vice City. Tons of mails to the editor asking when departing the title of Rockstar . Finally, that day has arrived , and we will all be able to break us in our sequined jackets with our huge phones . 

Game Change , relocation , change of hero. Forget Liberty City and get ready to discover a new city even greater and much more sunny bringing the sweet name of Vice City. In the early '80s , Tommy Vercetty , just out of jail finds himself in trouble when a beautiful thing he had set for his boss turns short , Tommy lost a good amount of money and dope . With such a start , needless to say, gives Vice City GTA 3 as well as the politically incorrect , Tommy is a crook , not an angel, and the Ugly will have to be forgiven by his boss by finding money and coke and the passage liquidate responsible for its failure.

Test Grand Theft Auto: Vice City PC - Screenshot 6 " One of your first jobs : start a riot and destroy the trucks. "

It quickly regained its brands in GTA : Vice City, the game system has indeed changed little . You must be wheat and investigate. Always free for your actions , the way you can build a huge amount of contacts throughout the vast city of Vice City. Many contacts that will offer jobs usually well immoral . Intimidate a jury takes its exploding , liquidating a debtor a little slow, kill a witness, steal a tank ! Many ways you can make wheat and establish more contacts . The number of missions that can be accomplished in the title is still unlikely. As before, it is always up to you what you do, when. And even the means of transport as it is possible to steal any vehicle , including two-wheelers ( motorcycles and scoots ) , boats, helicopters . One of the major innovations of this album . Of course, like in GTA , vehicles are particularly varied and their behavior on the road is different , of course.

Test Grand Theft Auto: Vice City PC - Screenshot 7 " We at Rockstar teaser If necessary , you can make some money by serving police ... ".

This strong gameplay that focuses on freedom of movement is clearly a very big strengths of the title. But the atmosphere also plays a significant role. Direction the eighties this time with all that that implies as undeniable class. Sets bathed in a style that fits perfectly at the time. In addition, the side " Miami Beach " is manifested by a strong presence and dazzling sun reflecting on upscale red Ferraris . The characters are also in tone , all with a very strong personality and suits ... hem , 80 what. It is more a ton of references to this time that I let you discover for yourself, it's more fun . Neat in its design, as Rockstar is also in its soundtrack. The dialogue is excellent , often raw, sometimes funny and quite worthy of inclusion in a mafia movie . Not to mention that the dubbing is provided by some big names such as Ray Liotta who prète his voice to Tommy . Again the atmosphere is guaranteed and add the various radios that can be heard by car original broadcast of playlists which include Michael Jackson , Kool and The Gang , Ozzy Osbourne, Kim Wilde and many others ! Like it or not , but in terms of atmosphere , which foot !

Test Grand Theft Auto: Vice City PC - Screenshot 8 " ... just before going to flank the trouile a jury :)"

telecharger gta vice city pc

gta vice city pc

Rockstar is definitely a studio especially gifted. Gameplay concrete , solid universe GTA: Vice City prides itself in addition to a period of tremendous life , missions are many and one must add to the police mission , ambulances and the famous 100 well stashed packets. Of course we may regret that the innovations of the new component are relatively small , but nonetheless it is still difficult to complain about this title. But I'll still be achieved by expressing some technical regrets. If the design is beautiful , the engine is a bit much improved or completely added with respect to the PS2 version and the game is still very pretty , but the models are still a bit sketchy and the animation too rigid hair , which sometimes leads look a little ridiculous to Tommy . But regardless, GTA: Vice City is a very worthy successor to its predecessor, perhaps even more fun atmosphere by stronger, more typical . There's nothing to say , 80 is top banana.

If you've played Vice City on PS2 there are fewer surprises. Both games are completely identical in terms of content ( which makes things a little easier for our guys strategy guide ) . All assignments , bonuses and characters are completely identical to the console version. But the PC version has better graphics , a slight check in controls, MP3 radio station based measurement and skin customizable characters.

If you 've never played two games on any system, you are in for a treat . Vice City tells a lot tighter than GTA3 more personal story. Although the anonymous nature of the character in the previous game was a little easier to get lost in the role, the main character in Vice City is related to the much tighter overall narrative. The story plays out in a series of cutscenes that set up the action of each mission.

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